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The Mokes—because, wow—but also because I am usually pants-less while blissfully distracted by two sweet girls!



A screenplay and fiction writer, Alix has written several screenplays including ‘Til We Meet Again which received numerous awards in the 2015 independent film circuit, and two novels for which she is currently seeking representation. Alix received a BA in English from Trinity College, an MA in Humanities (Literature) from the University of Chicago, and her MFA in fiction and screenwriting from Fairfield University. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and children.

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 blog - simple life big dreams




As a writer and mom of two young kids (and the daughter of a therapist and a singer-songwriter), I over-analyze everything. And while he never complains, it's probably time to share my rants with someone other than my husband. :) In all seriousness, I started this blog because productive habits and time management are critical to my success and the well-being of my family. I research these topics obsessively and a blog felt like a great way to honor my findings.

Simple Life Big Dreams offers inspiration and insight into maintaining a simple life (in a chaotic world) while chasing big dreams. Topics I research and write about  include: inspiration, time-management, getting the most out of your dreams, parenting,

and—of course—writing. 



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