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Those We Leave Behind

Those We Leave behind is an 89,000 word epistolary novel that follows the lives of three people. A single mother and a young trial lawyer are brought together to untangle the posthumous  life of an esteemed judge and his legacy .

Will their discoveries divide them forever or make it impossible for them to part?  

Mother and a Child


A disgruntled writer and single mom of twins, Lucy is ready to break when she's all but ripped out of a red wine hangover by call from a man about a book . A book that threatens the one thing she knew to be true... and comes with a catch.


Street criminal turned lawyer, Wil has spent his time since losing his mentor (and only real friend) in a drunken flush, threatening to send him right back to the streets--or the cell. But when he falls in love with the woman being handed his dream, it might be exactly what he needs. 

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